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Polyester Sewing Thread

Sew-Rite International’s bag sewing threads for packing industries feature high breaking strength and are designed to ensure maximum machine-based production capability. Sew-Rite can supply a wide range of different qualities, compositions and colours. Where thread is used as a packing component for foods, it will have been officially certified by independent regulatory institutions.

Our food grade thread cones are individually heat shrunk to ensure total hygiene at all times before use.

Sew-Rite Supplies bag closing thread for portable and stationary heads. They range from 140g to 10kg cones. We also supply premium precision wound food grade, lubricated knotless thread

T1650E: Pallet Wrapper

Precision Wound Thread

10kg — 55000m

5kg — 27500m

2kg — 11000m

200g — 1200m

140g — 870m

Standard Thread

140g — 500m

200g — 800m

2kg — 7500m

Thread Colours

Polyester Sewing Thread Colours