KBV1 Band Sealing Machine

The end of line sealing systems are highly modular and can be easily customised to seal any product, factory layout and packaging line. The SRI premium band sealers are continuos Teflon band heat sealing systems incorporating cooling fans and a user friendly control panel. They are available in Horizontal and Vertical models. Perfect for sealing plastic, coated paper, foil and multiple layer bags.


KBV1 Band Sealing Machine
  • Sealing speed : Max. 49ft(15m)/min
  • Sealing width : 0.4”(10mm) or 0.6”(15mm) or 0.2”(5mm)
  • Heater: 6”(150mm)L x 500W(2ea)
  • Sealing temperature: Max.390 degrees
  • Cooling system: Forced air cooling
  • Power consumption : 1020W
  • Net weight : 327 lbs (148.5kgs)
  • Suitable for sealing bags containing easy overflowing or liquid products